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  • Am I a Candidate for Spine Surgery?Am I a Candidate for Spine Surgery?

    Spinal issues manifest in a large number of people at all phases of life. Back pain is one of the most common complaints that individuals visit a doctor for.

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  • Nutrition and Your SpineNutrition and Your Spine

    Nutrients are the chemical components present in food, which provide energy for carrying out normal physiological functions and aid in various metabolic processes of the body.

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  • Spine MedicationsSpine Medications

    Medications play an effective role in the treatment of back or neck pain. Your doctor may prescribe several medications to help reduce pain and associated symptoms that are caused by unhealthy spinal conditions or deformities.

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  • Complications of Spinal SurgeryComplications of Spinal Surgery

    Complications during surgery may occur due to anesthesia that is usually administered during surgery. Other possible complications that can occur during the removal of a herniated disc may include injury to the nerves and a dual tear.

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  • Spine RehabilitationSpine Rehabilitation

    Your rehabilitation team consists of physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, massage therapists and athletic trainers (in case of rehabilitation for sports injuries). The rehabilitation team works on various physical activities and flexibility exercises that help to regain the strength and motion of the injured site.

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  • Healthy Back TipsHealthy Back Tips

    Back and neck pain is the most common health problems experienced by most people, at some point in their lives. People with back pain or neck pain may have trouble performing daily routine activities.

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  • Proper LiftingProper Lifting

    Prior to lifting weights, stretch slowly and stop lifting weights if you experience any sharp pain. While lifting weights, never bend at the waist. Put one knee on the ground, and use your arms and legs to lift the object up onto the opposite thigh. Stand up.

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  • Recovery and Post-op Instructions after Spine SurgeryRecovery and Post-op Instructions after Spine Surgery

    The duration of hospitalization depends on the treatment rendered. The period of your rest or inactivity depends on a few factors such as the type of surgical procedure and the approach used to access your hip, the size of the incision and presence of any complications.

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  • Spine Comprehensive MedicineSpine Comprehensive Medicine

    Spine comprehensive medicine involves comprehensive care of acute or chronic neck or back injuries or conditions. It aims at minimizing your pain, making you as functional as possible and preventing future injury.

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